Ask us what matters to us more than our community? !Seriously, asks us?! You will always get the same answer….Nothing! The people is why we do what we do! At Crossfit Pistol Creek, our mission is to create a fitness community unlike any other in the Maryville and Alcoa area. We strive for a community of individuals that are looking to better themselves everyday physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our goal is to help everyone achieve a positive outlook, increased self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment. Our doors are open to everyone who is looking to better their fitness and we work hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year to help you achieve Your goals….whateverthose may be. Come join this life with us!

Enough of hearing from us though...listen to what our members have to say!


"I walked into CrossFit Pistol Creek in September of 2016 at my heaviest of 250 pounds. I didn't really have a goal in mind, I just wanted to be able to walk up the stairs without getting winded. I was kind of floored by the sense of community from day one. After a few months, I went from three classes to five classes a week. I'm down 50+ pounds and 36 inches, and am constantly amazed at what my body is learning to do. The girl that couldn't run half a mile without walking can now run a full mile, do box jumps,  burpees, lift some moderately heavy weights, and I'm so close to a rope climb I can taste it."

- Knecia Radford
"I'm so much stronger than I ever imagined, and I have this amazing sense of accomplishment every time I leave the gym. I feel so much better as an athlete, and I love watching my amazing CrossFit family become the people they never thought they could be."

- Nate Chapman
"I have always tried to stay in shape and be healthy, but working out in a normal gym was always boring to me. I never knew what to work on, always found myself doing the same thing, and never felt like I got a good workout afterwards. Two years ago, my husband finally talked me into Crossfit. It has become a new hobby that I love, and make time for in my daily routine. The atmosphere, motivation, and dedication is powerful! It's amazing how this gym isn't just individual people, but a family that pushes & encourages each other every single day. Today, I do things I never thought I would every be able to do , and I still have plenty of skills to improve. Crossfit has changed my lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Being a teacher and having to make so many decisions a day, Crossfit is a place I can attend, be a student, and learn from the best! If you slightly think Crossfit is something you would like, step out of your comfort zone because it may change your life, like it has mine."

- Hope Blizzard
"I was never athletic growing up, and for me, exercise has always been the worst. I knew I had to move for the health of the only body I will ever have, but trying to get in shape was torture - one endless string of failures - until CrossFit Pistol Creek. This family has supported my fitness journey, and in this box, I've learned to really know and trust my body for the first time in my life. It is capable of so much more than I ever could have imagined, and I will be forever grateful to this gym. CrossFit Pistol Creek is making me an athlete. That's crazy to say, but it's also true."

- Emily Webb
"Crossfit Pistol Creek is AWESOME!! CrossFit has given me so much more than I ever expected. I totally expected to go and get a killer workout, but I never imagined all the other things that came with it! Not only have I become significantly stronger, but I really feel more confident in my personal life. I have met so many great people that have become some of my new BFF's (haha). Coaches are incredible, the facility is unmatched, and I'm growing into the bad-ass middle-aged athlete I always thought I was."

- Mike Carleton
"I started CrossFit Pistol Creek in February of this year after a year of my boss telling me to go and try it out. I was very intimidated at first because I have had a previous back surgery and I for sure knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone and I wasn’t sure how well my back would hold up. Fast forward 6 months, the muscles in my back are stronger than they have ever been, I can actually keep up with the class and I see myself pushing through each workout with the help of every coach there. There is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment after you have finished a workout. CFPC is like a huge family and I have never been somewhere that immediately welcomes you and is SO encouraging! My only regret is not joining sooner than I did!"

- Janna Harrison
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