Individual Training

Consultations Face to Face |  Ongoing Assessments | Customized Daily Program Design Nutrition Guidance | Daily Connection through FitBot
You will Meet in person with your coach so that you can discuss the big picture of your training, how your lifestyle is contributing to your success, how your nutrition is supplementing your progress, and where you’re heading next. That consultation will help you stay connected to your big picture goals so that your training remains on point each day.

Your coach will consistently re-assess where you are in your fitness journey. We have hundreds of proven benchmark tests that we will be able to gauge your progress with. In addition, we will also continue to look at your movement, your recovery, and your readiness to train on a daily basis to ensure that you are moving in the right direction at all times.

You will never receive a templated program. You will always have a program that meets you where you are and progresses you forward each step of the way. With a program that ebbs and flows like you do, you will face fewer plateaus and pitfalls, and you’ll progress longer and faster than you would otherwise.

Don’t fall for the “macro trap.” Nutrition needs to be designed for you specifically. Your coach will work with you to start you properly, and then progress your nutrition just like they would your training program. As your nutrition continues to zone in, you will find those additional percentage points of progress that have eluded you in the past.

You’ll receive your program daily through a state of the art platform that connects right to your phone. There, you’ll see your program, a video library of movements, and your library of benchmarks and assessments. You’ll post your results and comments for your coach to see and comment on, send your coach videos of your training so they can dissect movement and pacing, and receive feedback from your coach so that you constantly improve all areas of your fitness. Fitbot keeps your training organized and at your fingertips at all times during your fitness journey.

You deserve to realize the results of your hard work, but that work needs to evolve as you do. With the help of a professional coach, you will continue to progress in the way that most highly connects to your personality, style, and goals. When you have somebody in your corner who helps you achieve your biggest goals, you’ll enjoy greater confidence, resilience, and results not only today, but into the future.

So many people start a fitness program with the best intentions, but once the novelty wears off, they realize that they aren’t progressing, they aren’t enjoying it, they feel worse than when they started, or that they don’t trust the coaches or owners of the gym they are in.

In Crossfit Pistol Creek, you'll have the eyes of your own Professional Fitness Coach who will work with you one to one throughout your entire fitness experience. You'll also enjoy the fun and support of a great community of people around you each and every day. Crossfit Pistol Creek really is the best of the Personal Training and Group Training worlds.

We don’t believe in band-aid fixes. While you can get short term results with most anything if you start from scratch, the proof in the pudding is when you align your fitness to the goals and priorities that you have in and out of the gym. It’s only then that you’ll find true balance and fulfillment in fitness that’ll allow you to enjoy your own unique fitness journey to progress forever.
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